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We deliver superior results and value, and here's how:

    • Our Orangeville: We have a team of over 45 Tutors, all qualified and caring individuals who are passionate about teaching, and are highly specialized in their subject matter. Our Tutors all live in your community and include certified teachers, retired teachers, graduate students and professionals in fields such as business, science and engineering. All of our Tutors are carefully screened by Tutor Doctor and undergo police clearance checks. 

    • Convenience: We come to you as tutoring takes place in the privacy, comfort and convenience of your home.  We schedule tutoring sessions around your busy lifestyle.

    • Results: 1-on-1 learning has been proven to be the most effective way to help children improve their understanding, confidence and grades. We take special care to match your child with the right Tutor for them.

    • An integrated approach: Each Tutor Doctor program is custom designed to meet the student's specific needs and goals, often focusing on improving the student's foundation skills, current curriculum work, test preparation and study skills.

      Summer is a great time to catch up or get ahead: Call us to learn more about our Summer Tutoring Programs.