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See what some Tutor Doctor Parents had to say about Tutor Doctor...

Lori M - Pickering, ON

Our son is absolutely thriving with his tutor! We can't believe the progress he has made in a few short months, THANKS! You're the best, Lori.

Lynn H - Peterborough, ON

THANK YOU Jennifer! Maddie & I are incredibly thankful we found you!!!!!!!

Kelly G - Pickering, ON

Aileen is absolutely delightful. Toni really is receptive to her style of teaching and is always happy to work with her. We feel very fortunate that you selected her for our daughter.

Janette M - Peterborough, ON

As Raychel's Mom, I would like to personally thank the two tutors who are working with Raychel. They have been a great help to both of us. Thank you for helping my daughter!

Kim - Uxbridge, ON

The girls are doing great! Heather is gaining a lot of confidence in her multiplication tests and has had perfect marks in all her quizzes. Mary is also doing very well in her math and is becoming much more confident!!! The girls absolutely love Jess, she has been a perfect match for them. They actually look forward to their tutor nights. I never thought they would look forward to doing math after school.

Linda - Peterborough, ON

"I just recommended u today- again. Quality teachers that are professional, enthusiastic and focused. Admin staff is also very helpful and professional.The only regret is that my children went someplace else for two years. With Tutor doctor, I believe they would have been done tutoring a long time ago. Our tutor develops tailored lessons that build on our children's interests and strength.
Thank you Sarah!"

Brigid- Port Perry, ON

"Chelsea has been wonderful: very professional, but very enthusiastic and encouraging.  I would recommend her to anyone.  And thank you for the great match for my daughter.  I would recommend Tutor Doctor to anyone who asks."

Tim - Scaborough, ON

"It's convenient and the flexibility to work around my schedule is what I really appreciate. I also like the feedback I receive from the tutor Angelica and have to say I'm very happy with her overall. She's very respectful, professional and my son enjoys the time he spends with her. Overall, I would give 10 points for tutor doctor on service and 10 points for Angelica's tutoring skills."

Irene- Uxbridge, ON

"We are so .... SO happy!
Maria has been fantastic so far,  my daughter feels good after the sessions.  I have a meeting with her teacher this week and I'm hoping the teacher will tell me there's been an improvement already. Thank you so much, you guys have been fantastic."

Lucy - Markham, ON

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"We are very happy with how thing are going with Katie   She has become a very important part of our family that has a great effect on Christian. In just a few week we have seen Christian bloom at school he is paying attention, enjoying story time, and his work. We are so happy :). It is like night and day from last year and this year. I just want to say thank you and we love Katie."