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 Summer is the Best Time to Catch Up or Get Ahead!

 The summer months are ideal for filling in missing foundation skills, or enriching student's current skills in preparation for the next school year.  Tutor Doctor will develop an individualized plan so that your student can work toward achieving their academic goals and be ready for September.


Tutor Doctor's Summer Programs Include:
 Reading (Phonics, Vocabulary and Comprehension), Writing Development (Spelling, Grammar, Punctuation, Sentence Structure and Essay Writing),  Math and Science (Review and Enrichment),  High School Courses - (Review or Introduction),  Summer School Support,  French Immersion Development,  Study Skills and Test Taking Strategies

Summer Success Program

A tutor will come to your home and work with your child on the academic skills targeted at the Free Educational Consultation. Your child still gets a summer break as sessions are typically 2 to 4 times a week depending on family choice and goals established at the consult. We will work around your holiday time.  Give your child a jump start this summer so in September s/he can start school with confidence!  

Summer Success Program: High School

Many high school students take distance education or summer school courses to get classes knocked off or complete with a better grade. Completing a full year of curriculum in a short period of time can be a real challenge. Our tutors can provide the needed support to get through material in a short period of time and understand course content that is going at a fast pace.

Don't Let your Student Fall Behind this Summer!

When the school year ends, many students are occupied during the long summer months with day camps, swimming, play dates and vacation. When summer ends, kids go back to school and realize they have forgotten much of what they learned in school the previous year. They are experiencing a phenomenon called "summer learning loss".

In fact, studies have shown that over the summer, kids lose more than 2.6 months of math skills learned in the prior school year. What happens is as learning occurs the synapses in the brain strengthen their connection in the areas of learning. When students stop exercising their brain in those areas, those synaptic connections start to loosen. That is why teachers have to spend the first couple months of the school year, just getting their students caught up! In contrast, if your child works their language and/or math skills over the summer s/he can actually make progress. When school starts in September there will be a marked improvement in comparison to the rest of the class. What a confidence boost!