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Academic Success Formula

Is your student smart but scattered? In the classroom, executive skills deficits result in missed homework assignments, not studying for tests, procrastinating on projects, and not being able to prioritize tasks.

Executive functions are skills like organization, time-management, prioritization, task-initiation and sustained attention. Research shows that a student’s executive functioning directly influences their success more than any other variable.

While most students are taught basic study skills, education budget cuts and large classes mean that many teachers, despite the best intentions, are barely able to get through the curriculum, let alone teach executive skills.

Most tutors look at a student’s academic performance as a reflection of how strong their academic foundations are. That’s partly true; but academic foundations are only half of the equation. The other half is executive skills and it’s this component that the Tutor Doctor’s Academic Game Plan teaches.

We work with teachers and either follow the curriculum or use our innovative Tutor Doctor 24/7 tool, which has the local curriculums of all school districts across North America. This tool allows you to do practice tests, and make notes. Best of all, it sends through reports to both parents and tutor, allowing everyone to understand the student’s points of challenge and find ways to remedy them.

We come to you, at a time that is convenient, and give your child the skills they need to succeed in academics and in life.